Accredited GP (Primary Care) Practices

 “GSF has been transformational for us as a practice and for our patients. As GPs we should care for people from the cradle to grave and indeed beyond, looking after their families. GSF has helped us put the systems in place to provide that continuity of care.”

-Dr Gillian Au, GP of the Queensway Medical Centre


To qualify for accreditation, practices must have undertaken the full GSFPC ‘Going for Gold’ training programme. The training programme normally takes between 8 - 12 months. Once training is complete practices need to take time to fully embed GSF. The practice can then go on to register for the quality assurance and accreditation process to demonstrate quality end of life care in line with National End of Life Care Strategy (2008) and NICE quality standards in end of life care (2011).

The accreditation process includes:

  • Assessment against 5 clear standards of best practice
  • Key Outcome ratios
  • After Death Analysis Audit
  • Quality Assessment telephone call / visit – reviewing the integration of the processes into everyday practice.

 To achieve accreditation status the practice must: 

  • Demonstrate change by providing a statement of how the practice has achieved each standard and provide the supporting evidence 
  • Demonstrate change with comparative Key Outcome Ratios (before training and at accreditation) 
  • Demonstrate change at the patient level with ADA (before/after training and accreditation) 

Where practices have demonstrated innovative best practice their examples will be included in the membership area of the website.

Congratulations to Cape Hill Medical Centre, GSF Primary Care Practice of the Year Award Winners, 2019! 

Cape Hill Medical Centre in Smethwick, where more than three quarters of the patients on the palliative care register have a non-cancer diagnosis, impressed the Gold Standards Framework Centre judges with its overall success in extending quality end of life care to as many of its patients as possible.

Dr Pugh who led the implementation of GSF at the practice, said that the time and effort invested was well worth it. She added: “While a big part of end of life care is about wanting to do it well and provide compassionate care, what GSF has given us is the structure and tools, to deliver better, more coordinated care, not just well-intentioned care. We’re more skilled at symptom management and while delivering better end of life care can take more time, the rewards are great.

“We work in an inner-city area with high deprivation and wide diversity and there are challenges associated with this, but the training has helped us to reach marginalised groups as well as those who find it easy to access services.”

Cape Hill, which has 12,000 patients, five partners and five salaried GPs, increased the number of patients on its register threefold from 45 to more than 130, reaching out to new demographics and people with conditions that hadn’t previously been deemed appropriate for the list. The practice has increased its end of life care identification rate from 0.36% to more than 1%. A total of 78% of patients on the register have a non-cancer diagnosis and nine out ten have an advance care plan. The total number of patients on the register has increased from 45 to 121.

Dr Pugh says: “The most transformative effect we’ve felt from doing GSF has been the organisational impact across the whole surgery – how it has got everyone engaged in the process. It enables everyone in the practice to a higher standard in relation to end of life care.

Practices Accredited

GSF Accredited GP Practices Round 9 - 2018 - 2021

  • Priory Medical Group, York
  • Wareham Surgery, Wareham
  • The Apples Medical Centre, Dorset
  • Trent View Medical Practice, Scunthorpe

GSF Reaccredited GP Practices:

  • Macklin Street Surgery, Derby

GSF Accredited GP Practices Round 8 - 2017 - 2020

  • Rosegarth Surgery, Halifax
  • Exmoor Medical Centre, Somerset
  • Rowhedge and University of Essex Medical Practice

GSF Accredited GP Practices Round 7 - 2017 - 2020

  • Layer Road Surgery, Colchester

GSF Accredited GP Practices Round 6 - 2016 - 2019

  • Cape Hill Medical Centre, Smethwick
  • Grosvenor Medical Practice, Stalybridge

GSF Reaccredited GP Practices:

  • King St & University Medical Practice, Lancaster

GSF Accredited GP Practices Round 5 - 2016 - 2019

  • Moreton Health Centre, Moreton

GSF Reaccredited GP Practices:

  • Abbey View Medical Centre, Shaftesbury
  • Market Cross Surgery, Mildenhall

GSF Accredited GP Practices Round 4 2015 - 2018

  • Ilkley Moor Medical Practice, Ilkley
  • Macklin Street Surgery, Derbyshire
  • Saltaire Medical Practice, Shipley
  • Spilsby Surgery, Lincolnshire

GSF Accredited GP Practices Round 3 2014 - 2017

  • Stalbridge Practice, Dorset

GSF Accredited GP Practices Round 2   2013 - 2016

  • Coastal Medical Group, Morecambe, Lancashire
  • Hawthorn Medical Practice, Skegness

GSF Accredited GP Practices Round 1   2012 - 2015

  • Clee Medical Centre, Cleethorpes
  • Castle Gardens Medical Centre, Colchester
  • Queensway Medical Centre, Poulton Le Fylde
  • Market Cross Surgery, Mildenhall
  • Borras Park Surgery, Wrexham
  • Abbey View Medical Centre, Shaftesbury
  • King St & University Medical Practice, Lancaster

Macklin Street Surgery accepting their Quality Hallmark Award at the GSF Bi-Annual Conference, Septmber 2015.

Map of GSF Accredited and Re-Accredited GP Practices 

The GSF training has enabled us to provide patients with proper continuity of care. Being on the register, they might not die for a long time, but will get the best care until the time comes. It means all 14 GPs know what to do and when to do it... I believe all practices are going to have to do this.”

-Lynn Jones Practice Manager at King St Practice, Lancaster

Next steps:

Any practices ready to progress to accreditation will receive full guidance packs and further clarification of timescales.

GSF Accreditation for Round 4 Primary Care is now well underway with registered practices currently carrying out their assessment calls in advance of panel, which will take place on 30th July, 2015. We are now accepting registration forms ready for Round 5 and the next presentation of GSF Quality Hallmark Awards in March 2016. For more details contact the GSF team at

 “GSF Going for Gold has had a profound effect on our care for patients…with a shift in the focus of palliative care to one of earlier identification, forward planning and anticipatory care.  We are dealing with more and more people at home satisfactorily, with better cross team working, with district and Macmillan nurse teams.”

 - Dr Andrew Foster, GP Partner Coastal Medical Group


Updated: 17.12.19