GSF Care Homes Course Information

Description & Background 

This comprehensive quality improvement training programme was developed in 2004; focusing on organisational and systems change, and improving confidence of staff in caring for those nearing the end of life, it leads to sustainable improvements in the quality and co-ordination of care. Since 2008 the training programme has led to a well-developed accreditation process which acts as an ‘exam’ at the end of the course providing independent recognised quality assurance.

Meeting Targets & Quality Markers

The GSFCH standards meet all the DH End of Life Care Strategy, Quality Markers for Care Homes (2009), Skills for Care and other requirements. It is recognised by CQC.

How and where training is delivered - more details below

Training can now be delivered in one of 3 ways, all as a cascaded model of learning:

  1. Standard - Workshops delivered centrally or at Regional Centres around the country
  2. Blended- Distance Learning combination with GSF Virtual Learning Zone and fewer workshops - blended learning using a combination of workshops and training for local staff through e-supported group learning. This enables all members of the care home staff to access home-based learning together.
  3. Distance Learning – this complete course  is for care homes that require updating once progressed through the training - contact us for more details

NOTE- There is also a NEW GSF Care Homes Foundation Level Training Programme to support care homes in preparation for the full training. Some care homes that have undertaken other programmes such as Six Steps or other local training using the principles of GSF then progress onto the full GSF Programme and find it easier this way - contact GSF team for details

Resources Include

Good Practice Guide, Clinical Guidance books, DVDs, Supportive Care Registers, Assessment Tools, other resources and tools.


Baseline, Follow Up and at Accreditation – After Death Analysis, competence surveys, organisational surveys, and hospital death rates. Accreditation is the final assessment.

The training programme is a step-by-step process in three stages: preparation, training and accreditation against 20 quality standards.  The standard programme consists of 6 workshops - 4 full day and 2 half day.

1.Standard Programme

Stage 1 - Preparation

  • Guidance and resource pack including DVD and some options of home based learning through the GSF Virtual Learning Zone. At this point you will also begin using the GSF After Death Analysis (ADA) audit tool; you will be asked to provide information about your 5 most recent deaths (ADAs). No identifiable resident information is requested and all data is anonymised. Discussion of the results as you progress through the training sessions will help your team find practical ways to improve care further; this team reflection forms part of the learning process.

Stage 2 - Training

  • 6 interactive workshops, utilising a variety of teaching methods to implement the key GSF standards into practice, with actions to be completed between workshops, ensuring a step by step approach. The ADA audit is repeated at the end of the training programme, this enables you to demonstrate the progress you have made.

Stage 3 - Consolidation leading to Accreditation

  • Embedding GSF into everyday practice across the whole care home team ensures sustainability, after 6 months care homes can register for the accreditation process.

2. Blended Learning

  • A combination of at least 2 workshops plus locally run distance learning using the GSFCH filmed DVD or Virtual learning Zone - Contact us for more details of this or the VLZ Distance Learning

Note: NCF have negotiated discounted rates for their members; please contact us for more details and complete the Expressions of interest form.


  • Following completion of the training and a period of consolidation and embedding, homes are able to apply for accreditation
  • The process includes rigorous assessment against 20 standards, using objective independent assessors.
  • Findings from the assessments are presented to an independent panel. The Award is valid for 3 years; the home can then apply for re-accreditation
  • Simple annual appraisals reflecting progress, supporting sustainability
  • Membership of Solid Gold Club with many benefits.

​Updated: 27/7/2016